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Exterior Siding & Cladding


Whether you call it siding or cladding, the exterior covering of your home is an important element.

Siding or cladding is a design covering that offers some protective elements. It is NOT designed to act as a waterproof barrier. It does however, protect the waterproof barrier that lies between it and the sheathing or wall framing underneath.

Choosing a siding therefore has both an appearance attribute and a protective one. It's functional performance in each depends upon:

  • Suitability for the house design
  • Suitability for the environment
  • Inherent properties
  • Installation
  • Care and maintenance

You can invest in the most expensive, eye pleasing siding possible, but if it is not installed and maintained correctly, it can quickly become an eyesore and lead to structural problems. When renovating or remodeling a home, and considering residing, you have a number of options:
Replace with the same or updated version of the same material.

Change the look of the home completely with a new type of siding / cladding material.


Types of Siding / Cladding

There are many choices in composition, size, style and color. Some are factory finished while others are finished on site:


The Best Siding / Cladding For You

Factors that most influence which material is best for your home include:

  • Architectural compatibility
  • Appearance
  • Product quality
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Ability to repair-replace damage
  • Local environmental conditions
  • Cost – the difference between the cost of the siding material needs to be incorporated into the total cost of material, installation and maintenance.

Cladding can be applied to different types of structures ranging from timber to concrete.


Protective Attributes of Siding

Siding protects the house control barriers against the elements and pests. It helps prevent moisture penetration and the growth of biological contaminants such as mold, dust mites and bacteria.

Biological contaminants - have been known to cause allergic, respiratory, and other health problems in humans.

Climatic considerations - rain, snow and frost are the moisture concerns. If rain, snow or frost get behind the siding, the moisture makes the wall sheathing soft, degrading the strength of the entire house frame.

Pest considerations - common pests that may reside behind poor or inappropriate siding are:
Dust mites - a common allergy concern. Carpenter ants and termites - eat away at the framework, undermining the strength of a wooden frame.


Comparative Cost Of Siding

The following cost indications [USD] are indicative estimates only for single storey dwellings. Please contact your local professionals to confirm costs for your project. Be wary of any estimates +/- 25% of these figures.

Siding | SqFt 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 4000 5000
Economy Vinyl w/o Soffits:
4,490.00 6,735.00 8,980.00 11,225.00 13,470.00 17,960.00 22,450.00
High Quality Vinyl w/o Soffits: 4,990.00 7,485.00 9,980.00 12,475.00 14,970.00 19,960.00 24,950.00
Fiber Cement w/Painting: 5,490.00 8,235.00 10,980.00 13,725.00 16,470.00 21,960.00 27,450.00
Lap Cedar w/Painting: 6,490.00 9,735.00 12,980.00 16,225.00 19,470.00 25,960.00 32,450.00

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