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Home Remedy to Stachybotrys Contamination


Stacybotrys will only spread throughout the interior of your home if:

The mold is allowed to dry out

The dried mold spores are disturbed - releasing them into the air, and encouraging the spores to emit mycotoxic chemicals

In my case, we identified a wall cavity that was wet, and not being aware of Stacybotrys, decided to leave the wall to dry out before replacing new wall linings. The area was left exposed for three weeks whilst I was on an overseas vacation, during which time the area was not contained, and the spores released througout the house.

Within 40 hours of my return I started suffering severe respiratory symptoms including difficulty breathing and bleeding lungs. Over the next nine months I operated on about 60% lung capacity as we attempted to diagnose the cause. Eventually, by chance I read a news article on Stacybotrys and recognised all the symptoms. I immediately had the house tested, and Stacybotrys was confirmed.

As this was the first case in my country, there were no qualified physians or effective treatments offered other than using puffers similar to those suffering from asthma.

I researched extensively on the best method to decontaminate my house - the process below was 100% successful and I have not suffered any recurring symptoms from the house since that day 5 years ago. My house is still not remedied, but is being used as a Project Case for RemodelingRenovations.com


Home Stachybotrys Clean Up Process

Fixing The Leaks

Fixing the source of the leak is not always easy and usually involves a major reconstruction. 

As an interim solution – replace all flashings on the roof and around windows, and add sealant where appropriate. Consider adding external vents to wall cavities to help wall cavities dry out when they get wet.

Decontaminate The House

  1. Wet Clean The Entire House - All dust and residue should be removed from corners, edges of the floors, and under and around fixtures USING A WET CLOTH to reduce toxic residue dust from contaminating the air.
  2. Replace furnace filters and vacuum cleaner bag.
  3. Shovel any bulk waste material into bags and dispose with weekly trash.

Decontaminate Interior Surfaces

I used a 3 step process – I wanted to ensure that every trace was removed and I wasn’t just spreading the spores and toxins from one area to the next.

SAFETY FIRST: Ensure you wear rubber gloves, a face mask and eye protection, and maximise ventilation. Caution should be taken around electrical equipment and fixtures.

  1. Mix of 1 cup household bleach to 1 gallon of water. Add a bit of dish detergent or sugar soap to cut through dirt and oil that can hold the mold, but do not add any other cleaning product.
  2. Spray the surface with the bleach mix and let it sit for 15 minutes. Wipe the surface with a clean sponge. Leave to dry.
  3. Wash the surface a second time applying the bleach mix with a sponge, leave for 5-10 minutes
  4. Rinse with clean water and leave to dry thoroughly

Complete the same 3-step process for all heating and ventilation ducts.

Decontaminate Interior Furnishings

  1. Wet deep clean all drapes, carpets and soft furnishings
  2. Discard any items that cannot be cleaned in this manner and dried within 24 hours.

Decontaminate Clothing and Linens

Soiled clothes, linens, and any other items that can be laundered should be removed and cleaned by soaking in disinfected for at least fifteen minutes with one cup of laundry bleach per gallon of water.

Areas of Heavy Contamination

If you can see the black mold, and it cannot be readily cleaned, you are best to replace these materials. Full strength bleach may be necessary in situations of heavy contamination. Make sure you use adequate ventilation and personal protection, and if necessary, please consult an expert.

Special attention should also be given to any soiled areas in basements including pipes, heating ducts, ceilings, etc.

Clean Air

  1. Replace all filters in furnaces, heaters, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and HAV systems.
  2. Thoroughly ventilate, purify and air all areas.
  3. If possible leave the house for 3-4 days to completely dry out and all bleach smell residue to abate.

PERSONAL NOTE: In spite of extreme care to protect myself, if you have already suffered from myctoxin poisoining you will be extremely sensitive to the use of bleach. As it was my health on the line, and there were no professional cleaners for this problem in NZ, I felt comfortable taking the risk. I did suffer headaches for a couple of days afterwards. Bump up the antioxidants and stay free of other toxins or strong smells as much as possible during these few days.


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