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Tips On Upgrading Your Bathroom

Upgrade Your Bathrooms Prior to Selling Your Home

Upgrading or remodeling your bathrooms prior to the sale of your home is a great way to increase the value of your home as well as decrease the amount of time spent on the market. And bathroom remodeling can usually be done quite affordably!

But must you remodel every bathroom in your home? The answer is no! Focus on two bathrooms: the guest bathroom and the master bathroom.

The guest bathroom is an important room to have in tip-top shape, for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which is that potential buyers often will ask to use the bathroom while they are in your home. A nice, modern, clean guest bathroom will catch their attention. Additionally, the fact that this room is actually "used" by the guest creates an attachment to the home. Finally, the time spent in the guest bathroom is, whether consciously or not, time used by the buyer to evaluate the home. An impressive guest bathroom can create a memorable, lasting experience for the buyer.

If your home does not have a guest bathroom, and the children's bath serves that purpose, it is a good idea to redo this bathroom. This is especially true if it is decorated with children's decor, such as wallpaper with animated characters or bright, primary colors. Children's shower curtains and the like should also be removed. When you redo this bathroom, redo it for an adult. Your children will not suffer from it, and will likely feel more "grown up" with their new, adult-oriented bathroom.

Be sure it is clean, with any bath toys hidden, towels nicely folded, sinks, counters and mirrors clean and free of toothpaste or other residue, trash cans empty, and toilet and bathtub clean and free of stains.

The master bathroom should at least give a feeling of space if it is not spacious in actuality. The use of counter to ceiling mirrors and bright lighting will aid in creating this illusion. Have the bathroom nicely accented with big, thirsty towels, attractive scented soaps, candles or oils, and green plants.

General things to consider when remodeling a bathroom include such things as replacing or dispensing entirely with old medicine cabinets. You may wish to consider hanging a framed mirror instead of a mirror affixed to the wall.

A new coat of paint is also a great idea. Paint the ceilings and walls the same color, with the trim painted white. Consider a wallpaper border along the ceiling. Use light, airy colors.

Some old toilets, tubs or sinks may be impossible to completely rid of stains. If such is the case, these items should be replaced. Shower curtains should be replaced, sliding shower doors should be free of hard water deposits or replaced. Soap dishes should be clean and free of soap scum. Any grout should be free of mildew stains, calcium deposits, soap scum, or other stains.

Replacing linoleum with ceramic tile or carpeting is a good idea. Plumbing fixtures should be modernized and stylish. Switches and outlets should be clean or replaced. Lighting should be updated and bright. Replace shower heads to ensure plenty of water flow.

These small things don't cost an arm and a leg, and will help make an impression on your potential buyers!

Catherine Nguyen was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and is a licensed real estate agent. Ms. Nguyen specializes in Dallas real estate and has a career with Renowned Realty Group Dallas/Ft. Worth RE/MAX. For more information, please visit www.dallasrr.com.

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