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Remodeling bathrooms is a lot more complex than most other rooms in the house. The sanitary requirements of most building codes make DIY projects more daunting than living areas.

The luxury evident in bathrooms seen in multi-million dollar homes can be incorporated into your master bath for between $400 and $8,000. The key is to understand what elements make a striking impact, and what others are utility based.


Bathroom Lighting

One of the easiest areas to make a big impact in your bathroom is the lighting. Early attempts at bathroom lighting resulted in either:

  • Recessed bathroom lighting that caused shadows over the bathroom vanity, unless you have some additional light source.
  • Glamor lighting - as seen in a typical starlet dressing room

Today, there are options that have taken the best of both of these failed past attempts to give a soft luxurious glow, supplemented by controlled task lighting for applying makeup or shaving.


Bathroom Heating System

If you are remodeling or renovating your bathroom and lifting any flooring, consider installing an under floor heating system. This is essential if you are planning on tiling your bathroom floor. If not using tiles, the floor heating systems make stepping out of the shower or bath on a cold evening a treat.

The floor heating will also help to warm up the bathroom, providing floor to ceiling warmth.


Chromo-Therapy Systems

Chromo-therapy is the use of light to affect the mood of the user bathed in its light. By installing the chromo-therapy system to work in conjunction with your shower head or bath faucet, streams of color can be shown through either standing or running water.

You can buy bath, shower, and sink systems with chromo-therapy options.


Massaging Shower Heads

A very simple renovation to any existing shower that can be installed easily by a DIY, is a massaging shower head.  A more complex project may involve multiple shower heads with differing sprays and jets to massage and relax you in your bathroom.

The cost of these multi shower systems can run between $3,200 and $5,500 depending on the kinds and number of heads you choose.


Steam Showers

How about a steam shower in your master bath. Working in air conditioned environments is very drying on the skin and system as a whole. Taking a steam shower means you can rehydrate the outer layers of the skin, the mist of steam making your skin feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Most of these bathroom remodeling projects require knowledge and skill in plumbing and waterproofing. Before you remodel your bathroom, check to see if your local building codes allow you to make these changes.

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