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How To Design A Game Room

If you are reading this article, that means you have considered designing your own in-home game room. Congratulations!

Game rooms can make for a wonderful place to go to relax, kick back and have some fun. Plus, depending on how much work you do to the room, it can add value to your property.

It is understandable and practical to question whether or not you have the funds, the time and the desire to create your own game room. This is a general guide that can help you determine whether or not creating your own game room is for you.

The first question you should ask yourself is "Why"?

What is it about a having a game room that excites you?  Perhaps it is the status that follows having a gorgeous game room in your home, or maybe it is just the simple pleasure of having a room to relax in--no matter what your reason is, it is vital that you know your own motivations for wanting a rec room.

Once you answer that question, you can move on to the question: "Where"?.

It is very important that you take the time to really think about where you want to have your bar game room. Many people think of their basement first, as it is the most out of the way place in your home for a game room. But, what if you don't have a basement or what if you want to show off your pool table with a grand entrance?

Other than a basement rec room, some people like to have the pool table be one of the first things a guest sees when they walk into the house. This can be achieved if you have a living room or dining room near your front door.

For rooms other than your basement you have to measure very carefully to make sure all of your tables, chairs and games fit with room to move around. Usually with basement game rooms you don't have to worry about that aspect nearly as much, just because basement rooms are generally more expansive.

Also, if you plan on purchasing a pool table for your game room, you have to make sure the room will not be subject to drastic temperature changes, extreme levels of humidity, direct sunlight, or excessive dirt. You can usually work around some of these by getting UV blocking blinds or shades, installing a humidifier or dehumidifier (depending on your circumstances), or getting a pool table cover to keep off the dirt and dust. It is best, however, to try to avoid running into these pool table destroyers completely.

Once you have established where you would like to have your game room, now it is time to see just how much work and construction you will need to do before continuing. If you would like to have your bar room in the basement, you have to consider many things:

  • Is your basement finished?
  • Meaning, are the walls framed out and insulated?
  • Is the floor sealed against water?
  • Is there a ceiling to block dust from falling and to block sound from rising?
  • Are there enough electrical outlets and amp service to power your games and lighting?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you do have some work to do before you can have your game room. Insulation is vital to the health and longevity of your pool table because any drastic temperature change will cause the wood to swell and contract--over time this will render your table essentially useless as the wood fluctuations can cause gaps between the frame and the slate bed. This will totally ruin your gaming experience.

Basements work well when they are insulated because they are fairly consistent in temperature year round. It is always a few degrees cooler in the basement than any other room in your home, so why not capitalize on that?

After you have taken into account what work needs to be done, now is the time to consider if creating your own game room is financially possible. Keep in mind, you will need funds for many things from paint to game tables and electricity costs to repairs. If you feel that you've got the dough, now consider how much time you have to put into the building and maintenance of your game room. Depending on how much work you need to do, this can range from a few hours a week to a couple hours a day. Maintenance is usually fairly light--mainly just cleaning and dusting.

If you have the time to build it and keep it looking good, you are ready to start making your dream come to life!

If you have any questions, or need help designing your sports game room, please visit Game Room Pimps.

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